General Information

Children making farms with grains and toy animals


At Southwater Village Hall Pre-School we take you and your child’s privacy seriously.
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If you are interested in finding out more or registering your child for our Pre-School please call us on 01403 733954 or email us your contact details and arrange a
time come and see us during session time.

We intend to make every effort to admit children in order of date of birth, then date of registration from our waiting list, with priority given to children eligible for the Free Entitlement. We welcome children from all cultural, ethnic, religious and social groups with or without disabilities.

If you wish to send your child to our Pre-School, we will endeavour to offer him/her a place, but cannot always guarantee that this will be in the term he/she is 2
years four months old.

Initially, subject to availability, he/she will be offered two sessions per week. The following term, admission priority will be given to new children of age on the waiting list. Any extra sessions will then be given out to returning children. To obtain additional sessions, contact the Pre-School Manager.


A uniform is available for purchase, consisting of a T-shirt or sweatshirt with the Pre-School logo on the front. We encourage children to wear these to enable them to have a form of group identity. We sell these at cost price.

T-Shirt £5.62
Sweatshirt £9.81

We do supply aprons, but if paint or glue is spilt onto clothing you should soak the item in cold water prior to washing. Please refer to our clothing policy.

During the summer term, each child will need a T-shirt, shorts and plimsolls for Pre-School Plus session.

Pre-School Plus children need to have all their clothes labelled with their name. Please ensure that all items of clothing, as well as bags etc, are labelled with the child’s name.

All children need to bring a coat so that we can go out outside. No boots of any kind are permitted to be worn during a session.